01 Located in the Parque Batlle neighborhood, Vila arrives to contribute modernity, warmth and value to each of the places with greater development and potential of the Uruguayan capital city. A sustainable and technological development that connects green areas with the main avenues in the city and with easy access to health centers and universities.

Three independent blocks are interconnected by green yards which, thanks to their native vegetation, become a key element in the design. Their façades deploy planters throughout the whole extension, which, together with the building’s color, contribute a natural, sensitive, contemporary image.

State-of-the-art technology merges with sustainable resources in order to open the way towards a connected, conscious lifestyle.

81 apartments, among them, studios, 1 and 2-bedroom apartments are developed in two high, six-story blocks each and a lower, three-story block with rooftops on the third floor, thus conforming a unique project in the area.

41 underground parking spaces and bike parking.

The ground floor hall offers an indoor co-work area. Another interesting feature is the bike lane that goes through a front garden and internal gardens with bike parking spaces and rest areas where you can spend time, enjoy, read or work.

At the same time, on its last floor, high block offers amenities that can be used by all the owners, including partially covered barbecues, co-living with an integrated outdoor rooftop, a collaborative organic garden, a Wet Spa with a solarium, a laundry with clothes hanger, a service area and Bluetooth technology for audio and video connections.

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La Blanqueada, Montevideo, Uruguay




5,894 m2