Our Strategy


In the last years, Vitrium Capital has evolved from being a broker placing investments in third-party projects to becoming a comprehensive manager and developer of Real Estate projects. Our strategy today is based on five pillars:


We develop projects taking into account use and location. This enables us to be ahead of trends in the markets where we develop each product, thus obtaining high return rates in all our projects.


We have a diversified income model that allows us to practically release income flow from real estate market cycles.


We focus HR investment on those of our own resources that create value, and outsource the provision of non-strategic products and services to highly professional companies specializing in the different Real Estate business areas.


As a company we are conscious of the social environment where we live and work, and take responsibility by actively collaborating in programs for those who have no access to housing and live in extreme poverty.


We regionalize the development of projects based on alliances with strategic local partners, knowledge distribution among geographies; and a regional support structure for the integrated and centralized administration of local operations in the different countries where we operate.

Since 2017, Vitrium Capital has been developing its fifth pillar, the comprehensive development of Real Estate projects abroad, with current experience in the development of projects in the USA, Argentina and Uruguay.