What Carmelo Golf experience is really about

Ricardo Mataloni, Vitrium Capital Commercial Director, explained the main characteristics of the new development the company commercializes in Uruguay. Unsurpassable sports and natural areas, location, accesses, and a reliable market for the Argentine investor, are his main arguments.

¿Which are Carmelo Golf’s main characteristics?

Carmelo Golf stands out for a unique asset: the best golf course in Uruguay, and the 3rd best in Latin America, according to renowned Golf Digest magazine. The golf course, however , is not the only attraction that makes this a unique proposition: 270 has of green landscape, 220 lots, 12 farm-sized parcels, ponds, a polo field, a grass tennis court, private beach, a 700 m2 club house – all this under Four Seasons standards.


What are the advantages regarding location and accessibility?

It is easily accessed from Argentina: a short 3 ½- hour drive from Buenos Aires; 2 ½ hours by boat from Tigre, 2 hours by Buquebús via Colonia. Truth is, Carmelo is a lot closer than people usually think.


What actual products is Vitrium Capital commercializing at Carmelo Golf?

Vitrium Capital has become Carmel Golf sales-agent, and today we can offer lots which range from 2000 to 4000 m2 at a starting price of US$ 113,000 (2,698 m2 lot). These are great opportunities.


What makes the Uruguayan a convenient market to invest in real estate?

This is a very different market from that of Argentina. It offers economic and political stability, foresight, growth margin on real estate values. Great economic indicators.


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