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With utmost respect for the neighborhood scale, maximizing the lightness with its design, and recreating the presence of vegetation as part of its image, the building is raised with façades both to the front and the inside, uncovering the entire environment and paying attention to the beauty of the place. Designed in two thin volumes facing the front and the inside of the block, all the apartments are privileged witnesses of the luxury, audacity and broadness on both sides. This broadness is also experienced inside the building, with its great vacuums confirming the character of each architectural element.

Deployed in a single lot, given the buildings surrounding it, it ensures spectacular views from the residential floors, leveraged by the decision to set the parking spaces not only on the ground level, but also on the 1st and 2nd level; and the convenience of its unique location, coexisting with the peace of the immediate context and the closeness to a new commercial movement.

Number of apartments (units): 54

Number of parking spaces (units): 70
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Mburucuyá, Asunción




6,530 m2